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Deal with the fact I can’t stay tonight at the hospital,done.
Deal with the fact people can be assholes,done.

This will ruin our relationship as a family,you don’t fuck with this.
Your four years is no fucking comparison to what I’ve been through with her.
Take yourself off that fucking petistle.
An age difference doesn’t make you fucking mother. Sleeping on her floor for two years,everyday to make sure someone is there when she cries,learning how to feed,change,clean and care for a baby at the age of six doesn’t either,but it makes me closer than you.
She isn’t stupid,you’re making an ass of yourself.

So I doubt this will work out for both of us,but bitch this is my moment.

I’m going to sleep.
I’ve lost my mind.


Gah.best friends yo.

At a show and still getting messages,what.

Don’t make a Nigga repeated herself,not you either.

Well if that’s there it makes a world of difference,now lemme see lmfao.
Good Lord.
I don’t think I sleep enough

Fuck Romeo and Juliet shit.
I’ll take Divergent,tis beautiful

Not that the other thing damn it

Let’s talk about how many hot guys are in Divergent

It’s okay,I’ll keep updating til I see it,Lmfao

Like it.
Do it.
Do it.

"Who’s to say tomorrow won’t be the best day of your life?"
- Matty Healy  (via wolf-cub)